Harem Nights


Themed Corporate Events

With plenty of experience in themed corporate hospitality and corporate Christmas parties you can be assured that Harem Nights will make sure your event runs smoothly from start to finish. We pride ourselves on creating solutions with exactly the right look and feel for our clients.

We are experienced in catering to a diverse range of events, including Arabian Nights-themed corporate events, Christmas parties, product launches, corporate fun days, hospitality and networking events, conferences, team building activities, entertainment, exhibition stands, and much more.

We can decorate a venue with a traditional Moroccan interior and original furniture, provide authentic entertainment with belly dancing, drumming and a Moroccan band (click here for more details), and you can keep all your guests happy with our Authentic Middle Eastern Catering.

We also offer an invitation printing service, get your event marketed just right with a Harem Nights inspired invitation. We can design you a unique invitation specific to your event and ideas, call and speak to one of our designers to discuss your requirements.

Team Building

Are you seeking an extraordinary team-building event for your company’s executives or employees? Do you aim to foster stronger connections among team members and enhance collaboration? At Harem Nights, our unique Corporate Team Building experiences offer the perfect solution. We facilitate opportunities for individuals to deepen their understanding of each other within the team structure while maintaining a strong sense of group cohesion. Unlock the full potential of your team with Harem’s innovative approach to corporate team building.

Harem Team Building

Engages groups of people – preferably including both leaders and team members – in a unique learning experience of belly dancing and drumming. We use a range of Middle eastern drums, Darbuka, percussions, audio equipment and dressing up with belly dance accessories. The group is led to master a simple rhythm to which we add other rhythms and sounds, then learn some belly dance moves ensuring everyone participates and enjoys initial success.

The Drum Circle

Within ten minutes the group is creating original music, to which each player adds. The team’s abilities stretch as additional rhythms are introduced, creating remarkable synergies. Voices and belly dance movements can be added in accord with the group’s confidence and can develop to an amazing tribal experience of a drum circle with belly dance. Peak experiences in our corporate team building workshops are not unusual. A powerful spirit of teamwork, unity, co-operation, interplay and flow is created that is far beyond conventional corporate team building dynamics. Your peers will laugh together, play drums dance together and have a great time as a team…losing their tension, opening their hearts and laugh all the way through…

Belly Dance Workshop

Have the chance to learn how to move in mysterious ways with a fun and exciting belly dance lesson with a professional belly dance teacher, they will bring some belly dance fancy dressing up to transform you and your friends to ‘look the part’.

Survival Skills

Embark on a unique and immersive team-building experience with Harem Nights as you learn essential survival skills. Led by experienced instructors in a forest setting devoid of modern amenities, this adventure encourages participants to expand their comfort zones. Delve into basic survival techniques and wilderness craft through either scenario-based challenges or a more laid-back approach. In the scenario-based method, groups tackle skill-building tasks while role-playing a post-traumatic survival scenario, adding excitement and fostering group engagement. This approach blends teamwork with friendly competition. Alternatively, the relaxed approach focuses on skill-sharing in an engaging manner, sparking curiosity and allowing for natural group dynamics to unfold with less structure. Below are some of the activities to expect.



We will construct several group shelters from available materials, encouraging any one brave enough to sleep out in their shelters. This demands a high level of cooperation and will bring to the surface any current issues. This exposes the current group dynamics and helps us to work with what emerges to notice patterns of behaviour and then allow them to be addressed by the group.

The Quest for Fire

Experience the ancient method of fire-making through friction, where teams will learn to ignite fire by rubbing two sticks together or using a fire steel. This activity fosters group cohesion and highlights different learning styles within the team. Mastering the art of fire-making requires attention to detail and the willingness to learn from mistakes—transforming errors into valuable lessons. As the saying goes, “If we learn from a mistake, it is learning and not a mistake.”

Nature Awareness

Sharing aspects of silent movement and nature awareness of the Apache Scout masters of survival, stalking and awareness. We will be moving in a native way and able to experience a closer connection with nature. These skills have a transformational capacity that helps us to experience a deep relaxed concentration that develops awareness. The exercises help us tap in to high Beta and Alpha states recognised to be beneficial to enhanced creativity, memory, overcoming physical challenges, and increased levels of health.

Tribal Dance

Tribal Dance is an organic trance dance company. Through percussions, didgeridoo, powerful drums and ethereal vocals, the group creates music that enables a natural alteration creating the feelings of deep rejoicing and release though total dance immersion.

The group advocates not using drugs and alcohol. The ecstasy comes purely through their music. It is a uniquely distinctive show creating a unifying journey for its participants.

Your staff will have a deeply liberating experience as they collectively take part in dynamic team-building activities; often people report having had major personal and professional growth.

Tribal Dance will produce measurable results and immeasurable memories.